Tower 20


Ministry to Young Adults

  It's 2023. Earlier in the year a Pastor asked my opinion about developing Youth Ministry  which led to me  pondering Ministry to Young Adults.

         My first thought is my lifelong practice, particularly when meeting young adults in a new Parish, and teenagers who became young adults

is firstly that young adults are adults.  Welcome to the adult world.  

      I have often mentioned You are an adult.  You are a young adult in that you've commenced your adult years. You're gaining experience.

                                                                          I've sought to encourage young adults. They are  making their own decisions. 

                                                                             They are getting used to it. encourage them

                                                                          We have experience to offer when asked for or needed.

                                                                           give them responsabilities according to their abilities.








Young adult ministry

is NOT an extension of "youth"

or teenage ministry.


  Ministry to young adults

is the  beginning

of ministry to adults.