Tower 20


Encouragement during the 2020-2021 Lock down

During 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic spread around the globe

Australian governments introduced lock downs and restrictions to stop the spread of the virus. 

             That we are an island continant  made it possible.

  However we had no experience of lock downs. We are a highly mobile country.  To stay at home hit most of us hard.

We survived using technology to keep in touch - phone, text, emails, Zoom meetings,  Social Media  and Live streamed Church.

     My aim with this page is to post encouraging Scripture for our edification and encouragement.

It is now July 2021.  Many are suffering lock down fatigue some are vicariouly traumatised by months of news of the virus

  and changing government guidelines and discussion about vacination and the slow roll out in Australia.

Trust in the Lord

with all your heart

in all your ways

acknowledge Him

and He will

direct your paths.

   Proverbs 3 v 6

Love casts out Fear

                                         John 4 v 18


 Comfort, comfort my people

  says your God  

Isaiah 40 v 1


When we can't go to Church

When we can't visit each other

Let us Pray.

Let us pray for:

  • peace

  • comfort

  • love

  • compassion

wisdom and strategy


May the

Peace of Christ

rule out hearts

      Colossians 3 v 15

Music for the soul

Some spent months producing split screen music:

The Blessing :


from Perth


Amazing Grace

 (50 Countries )


Encouraging Hymns

It is well with my soul  (Anthem Lights)

Oh the deep deep Love of Jesus

Be Thou my vision

Abide with me

The Lord bless you and keep you.



That we could not go to Church

That we could not sing our Praise to God

   nor console ourselves with singing

hit many of us hard.

   Let us use technology to  listen to edifying music

and lift our hearts in Praise to God.