Tower 20


Enduring Faith.

 at Homebush Bay   

Marathon of Ministry

Some ministries are a sprint

A short term ministry for a need

  or an occasaion


I resolved this would be a long term ministry

A marathon.


  My training and discovering the land

commenced in 1993

  It continues in 2021


only the 2020 pandemic restrictions interrupted weekly prayers


even then resumption was rapid

   being able to observe the physical distancing


often 25 to 500m physical distance !


there were many highlights


 including the Homebush Bay and Inner West Aussie Awakening Prayer Vigils

      on New Years Eve and Good Friday night.

in 2000 the Aussie Awakening March came to Homebush Bay linking at the intersection of The Olympic Boulevard and Dawn Frazer Avenue - forming a cross

   followed by a Christian Celebration in Stadium Australia  and an all night Prayer Meeting in the RAS Dome.


 One year marches were organised by Bravehearts. I walked solo up Olympic Boulevard