Tower 20


Enduring Faith. 

Endurance and perseverance.

I have just come home from an incredable time of Praise and worship.

What a joy to be in the presence of God.

    but do know what made it really special ?

It's releasing  stress and tension and even trauma whilst receiving His peace.

yet more

It's thanking God He has brought me through the hard times.

It's knowing His grace when I messed up.

         We all sin,    it might be sins of addiction

                              it might be what we do to numb the pain

                             it might be "bad stuff"

                             it might be respectable sin           

                             it might be secreat sin

                             it might be plain and simple pride.   even religous pride

        1 John1 v 9 has been my foundation    to confess my sin before God and forsake it.

                  by His grace.

         our human nature is weak

        it is out to self indulge

 Another foundational teaching / practice is praying for God's strength to endure hardship

        I find it's good to look up scripture because of what I see as I look and the surrounding verses which catch my eye

Paul writes  " I press on" ...

look up  "God has chosen the foolish things to confound the wise"

          "Endurance produces ...    produces character"

God uses our perseverance through hard times to build our character

     What keeps me going"

Hope  eg Psalm 42   "Oh my soul  hope in God"

Endurance and perseverance. 

The power of the Holy Spirit.   He gives us strength to persevere.  He comforts us.    He convicts us of sin.  I thank God He guides me. 

                He works as He wills.

                        He works in our lives in different ways.     

 What counts is our faith in God and His word. 

our trust 

and our obedience. 

    I am grateful to the preacher who said the Holy Spirit lives in our conscience.


 I pray this introduction will open up endurance in your life.




Marathon of Ministry

Some ministries are a sprint

A short term ministry for a need

  or an occasaion


I resolved this would be a long term ministry

A marathon at Homebush Bay.


  My training and discovering the land

commenced in 1993

  It continues in 2021


only the 2020 pandemic restrictions interrupted weekly prayers



 including the Homebush Bay and Inner West Aussie Awakening Prayer Vigils

      on New Years Eve and Good Friday night.

in 2000 the Aussie Awakening March came to Homebush Bay linking at the intersection of The Olympic Boulevard and Dawn Frazer Avenue - forming a cross

   followed by a Christian Celebration in Stadium Australia  and an all night Prayer Meeting in the RAS Dome.


 One year marches were organised by Bravehearts. I walked solo up Olympic Boulevard taking a stand against sexual abuse and advocating for recovery for survivors.