Tower 20


During the lead up to the 2000 Games a Ministry Line of recorded messages

was set up accessable Australia wide but sadly not available from overseas.

The cost was 35cents per min

At it's peak it had 8 Menues  with sub menues.

   there was a recording made on New Years Eve recorded in  Sydney Olympic Park

                and a recording made in Sydney City Celebrations.


  A recording made on Olympic Boulevard on the Opening night of the 200 Games.


I will explore the technical posability of uploading from the disc I have.


   the Wood Royal Commission, during the nineties had investigated pedeophilia.

  I became concerned at the lack of rexcources for survivors, particularly male survivors.


  Menue 8 had 8 sub menues.  I prayed for recordings for survivors

     and recorded steps as The Lord gave me messages .

I had put a text version on a  website  which sadly ceased providing the free hosting.

    let's see what I can write up.


Menue 8 Steps of Recovery from sexual trauma

 Originally  recovery from sexual abuse

 Today I prefer to talk about trauma release from sexual trauma.


Trauma release is a transferrable concept which can be applied to the release of trauma from any traumatic event

       and the release of trauma from vicarious trauma ( being traumatised from the news of a traumatic event)

Overcomming Denial

Walking along Recovery Road

 each survivor has ones own recovery road.

part of the journey is discovering ones own road to recovery and what that road looks like