Tower 20


Trauma release prayers , ministry and therapy are a major advancement for survivors of sexual trauma

                  ( narrative therapy is a starting point but after one goes round and round the same process

                            with no pathway  from stage one to stage two and beyond  it was time to look for the next stage of recovery )

   A breakthrough was being informed that trauma is stored in the body.   ( eg Barbette Rothchild) 


It was almost laughable but not funny

         that during the long summer bushfires, when volunteer fighters were out fighting fires day after day, week after week

                         were offered counselling.

          Is not their first need for physio or remedial massage  or a massage chair for their tired muscles?

          I suggest they need to release the trauma from their body 

  then talk it over to process what they went through with no time to process.


 I take an applied redemptive theology /   neuro physiological approach. 

     in differing order

I pray   I find comfort in the Scriptures    I ask God to show me what therapy I need.


sometimes it's trauma informed counselling   "talking it over"   o facilitate processing

         to access and process what I buried 


sometimes it's  body surfing  or music as therapy


I've used trauma informed remedial therapy to release trauma from my muscles


or having read Peter Levine's book   shaking off the trauma

or Emotional Freedom Techniques   ( tapping )

there are many trauma releasing therapies.