Tower 20



Originally many churches simply utilised the technology to live stream services.

   probably to increase the audience reach.


During the restrictions and in some cities lock downs up to three months or sometimes more

Churches were entirely on line as we were at home with restrictions or prohibitions on going out.


Many Pastors saw live streaming as a means of enabling those will illnesses to join church from home.


Many are connecting with our home churches whilst living in other cities.


Some of us are fellowshiping internationally.

  Tower 20 began as an on line ministry and continues as an on line ministry.

  At the peak of on line ministry some churches doubled their congregations

      however over time  the numbers have decreased.


    the aim of this project is to look at ways to strengthen ties with on line congregations.


responding to on line comments

I encourage on line members to  click "like"   and write greetings and comments.

   I make a point of it to encourage those ministering because we arn't in the building.


Whilst most churches production team welcomes us and replies,

may I suggest having an on line Pastor or  mature member who sees interacting with on line members as a ministry.

Pastors - may I suggest checking the Facebook or You Tube page for your church to reply Pastorally.


Invite on line members who are ok to receive Personal Messages to type "PM's ok"

    there is no need to ask for our details if we are ok with PM's  as you already have this contact.

Why not send a welcome PM during the week?


It's a good idea to type the Church website and email in the comments.


Zoom meetings

These days many churches have  connect groups often meeting in homes

                or a meeting room in the church complex.


I now attend my church men's zoom meeting.

           it's great - no need to drive to the meeting.


Why not promote zoom connect / small group meetings for the on line congregation?


Zoom meetings can be  with members in different cities

     or even different countries and different time zones!

I joke about joining last nights group tomorrow.

     the host  starts the meeting on his Friday night and I join on my Saturday morning

     as we are either side of the international date line.




Ministry to residents living in high rise apartments.

For many residents living in high rise apartments,

 connection with the outside world is via the internet.


let's face it.

one drives into the basement car park

one catches the lift to ones level

and tends to stay there with few trips out.

I'm not suggesting residents don't go out

  but on line shopping,

  on line learning,

  working from home

increase the opportunities to link with the world.


one looks out say the 12 story window.

 there is the view. maybe an urban sprawl or bush land or a lake or the ocean.


  On line viewing enables one to  "go to church" from the apartment as many do.


I suggest with innovation and commitment on  line ministry has great potential.


      During the lock downs we saw how important it is to maintain social connections  on line,

through social media, emails, texts and phone calls.


     Why not minister on line members the same way?

particularly on line members living in appartments.


many on line members donate to the church expenses and projects.



delayed viewing

I encourage churches to save live streamed services for delayed viewing.

this is a blessing to members who are shift workers


and church surfers like me who want to watch multiple services

and those who would like to watch during the week to be encouraged.


I encourage Pastors or the on line ministry team to  check in a couple of times a week and reply to comments made after the Sunday service.


In many ways it opens up 24/7 ministry  especially once there are international links.



from viewers to participants.

Many churches live stream services,

the next step is to facilitate interactions

with on line congregations.


encouraging on line comments

welcoming on line congregants

    from the platform but not by name

zoom meetings

    eg after church fellowship

       mid week zoom meetings

having a Pastor to take phone calls

  including international calls.