How can one Pastor provide such care?

over and over again ?

face to face -  he'd be drained

he'd not be able to maintain the quality, the passion.

So initially he recorded messages accessable by telephone

but now its being written up here

to multiply the ministry from Homebush Bay

In late 1999 and early 2000
Pastor prayed for a set of steps,
for men recovering
fronm child sexual assult
a series of messages

each as the Lord gave the message
 and His annointing

so that a quality message was recorded
and could be heard over and over again
 with the same quality and passion.

Pastor knew that men
recovering from childhood sexual abuse
would need to hear the messages
over and over again.

He still has to transcribe them
or load up the audio file.

The same desire motovated Pastor
 to develop this ministry further.

During and after the 2000 Games
Pastor has prayed from the base
of the main Stadium
for a fulfillment of Isaiah 61
(see button - link on this page)

( picture taken  and used with permission of  SOPA )

Tender Love and Care


the phrase TLC  is used to talk about care
                                              about tenderness
                                              about love

which so many miss during times in our lives when we need TLC

when we are sick. or hurting, or disappointed
we need more than medicine, 
            more than technology
            more than TV soapies
            more than "professionals"
            more than protocols

we need compassion

we need the love of God

we need people who listen and care

those who give us time and space to heal... 


Compassion is more than care
                     more than empathy

compassion is a manifestion of the grace of God

compassion comes from the heart

it is not condescending

it has no pretence

compassion costs

its full of love

its love in action

it's God based and God given through compassionate people.

because we care

it's all about care.

its when I care about you

it's about time to listen

it's about taking time to understand

it's asking the questions to find the relevant answers.

it's about caring.