Prayer for men surviving child sexual abuse

Pastor's ongoing prayer

praying for a fulfillment of Isaiah 61

    healing for the broken hearted

Pathways of recovery

After initially recording steps to recovery on a Ministryline acessable around Australia
and later writing it up on "Menu 8"  - steps to recovery

the next site to be developed was God Restoring Men's Lives.

by about 2010 it became obvious that there are so many variables
so many non sequential steps to recovery
so many dimensions
that what was needed was a series of interlocking sub domains.  - Nathan's links

the next breakthrough occurred during Christmas 2011


Pastor prayed for a fulfillment of Isaiah 61  -

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
because He has annointed me to

  • preach good news to the poor
  • bind up the broken hearted
  • to proclaim freedom to the captives  ...

  • they will rebuild the ancient ruins
  • instead of shame
my people will receive a double portion..........."

                             extracts from Isaiah Chapter 61

healing balm

"to bind up the broken hearted"

the Lord applied His healing balm to our wounds.

healing balm


more later .. page in draft stage

Freedom for the captives

.abuse is all about an abuse of power and exercising illegitimate control

Jesus ministry of recovery sets us free

He breaks the chains which imprisoned us

He sets us free

As a survivor I found that Jesus does this in my life

survivors - claim this promise from the Lord

receive it

pray for it

more later


  and the truth will set you free - truthfree4men

  God Restoring Men's Lives 

7 Steps  for Men recovering from csa

my other csa recovery pages

God Restoring Mens Lives -
  recovery ministry for men recovering from child abuse
weather physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect

He Restores My Soul
and  Devotional Restore My Soul

Men Opening Hearts to Jesus
a significant step in recovery

the forgiveness project
to understand and correctly apply
Bible based forgiveness

Steps for csa recovery - external site
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The primary focus remains a ministry of restoration of men's lives,
recovering what was lost / taken  through the evil and breach of trust of abuse in our childhood.
I passionately believe that God does restore men's lives and have written up keys to recovery.

It's in the context of Christian foundations and growth in Christ.

I believe that Jesus Christ is our answer
         because the underlying problem is sin
           either our sin
           or the wounding, the betrayal  by those who sinned against us.
I was asked at uni "What is sin?"

I felt the Lord showed me that  sin is greed, hate, selfishness, rebellion, immorality or abuse.

Links to other sites within this ministry

The Spirit of the Lord
is upon me
because He
has annointed me

  • to preach good news to the poor
  • to heal the broken hearted
  • to set the captives free. 

                                      Isaiah  61

rebuild ancient ruins

Rebuilding the ancient ruins

speaks of rebuilding God's moral boundaries in our lives

the legitimate boundaries which were broken down when our soul was invaded  are rebuilt.

much more material to come ..

just a seed thought at this stage .....


He restores my soul.

Some aspects of recovery from csa