Faith in Christ
is more precous
than gold.

Homebush Bay
Christian Ministrie

beginnings - the Vision

In 1993 a local Pastor came to the Homebush Bay area
and had a vision, a dreeam
that if Sydney was awarded the 2000 Olympics there could be a local on site ministry.

later that year at about 4,20am he stood with a crowd on site to hear "Sydney"
by Sunday night he was being interviewed on radio sharing his dream.

this began seven years preparation.

his local church

1996  More than Gold link with Atlanta during the Atlanta 1996 Olympics
           the beginnings of on line ministry.

the loss of his stipend and church buildings in July 1997

Ministry continues - an independant multicultural church
                             membership of Quest More Than Gold
Homebush Bay - Inner West Aussie Awakening Prayer Meetings
  Good friday night and New Year's Eve

Tower 20   is all about shining the light of Christ
                                  and  prayer

a confidence that Jesus Christ is Lord
even in the face of adversity

that faith in Christ prevails even where there is unbelief

that God restores, saves, heals our lives.

Enduring Faith carries the torch until this day.

September 2000 - on site Sydney Olympics

prayer for male survivors of child sexual abuse
      from "my chaple"  ( an open air shelter) 

prayer for the Sudanese.


On Friday 19th September the world watched the Opening of the  2000 Games at Homebush Bay, Sydney.
During the ceremony a team presented the theme

In his recorded message, Pastor Graham took up this theme.

the organisers acknowledges the work of Arthur Stace who after being saved, was captivated one Sunday night by the preacher at the Burton St Baptist Church

"Eternity!  Eternity!

oh that I could write the word ""Eternity" on the streets of Sydney.

Arthur could hardly write

but he went out after church and took out a piece of chalk from his pocket and in perfect copperplate handwriting wrote the word
"ETERNITY" on the footpath.
this he did for the rest of his life.

It was written by the authorities on the Sydney Harbor Bridge on new years eve 2000.

Now the organisers of the 2000 Games wrote up "Eternity"

(more details and references later - draft stage)



On site ministry durung the 2000 Olympics

Prayer for the poor and needy

blessing the Eternity Team

opening night prayer from obsecurity

meeting the crowd


more to be written up

ongoing ministrty

by 2007 I made the comment to a Manager of Sydney Olympic Park Authority:

  we spent 7 years preparing for the 2000 Games
  and it took (those of us at the centre)  on site 7 years to come down"

each subsequent Olympics I have gone to SOP  to pray for  the Olympics of the day.

at the moment developing links with Ministries in London for 2012.