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Introduction to Detraumatisation

  one night whilst discussing trauma,

 it occurred to me that if we can be traumatised

then it should be possable to be detraumatised.

   I registered this site to write up what I could learn about


 which is more commonly known as trauma release.

   There are many trauma release techniques

        which are listed on the right hand column

anyone who has been traumatised may benifit

   from the trauma release technique you are most comfortable with.

Types of trauma:

     In late 2019 - early 2020 Australia experiences the worst Bush fires in our history,

I saw the need to suggest that trauma release may be of assistance

for those traumatised by these horendous Bush fires.

  • the Volunteer Fire Fighters and permenant Fire Brigade Officers.
  • those who stayed to save their homes
  • those who tried to save their homes and lost their homes
  • those who fled the fires or evacuated to evacuation centers.
  • those who went to evacuation centers only to find they lost their homes.

Yesterday I met several survivors of the Granville train desaster.

    I make the list of trauma release techniques available.

survivors of the trauma of car collisions

survivors of the trauma of war.

survivors of sexual trauma

             adult survivors .of child sexual abuse

             adult survivors of sexual assault

             male, female and LBGTI survivors.

                   sexual trauma, sexual abuse, sexual assault

                  which are reportable criminal acts. 

                  sexual assault counselling is a profession    

                   here we are discussion sexual trauma 

                       as one form of trauma.

Of course each form of trauma has it's own dynamics

    and applications and/ or combinations of therapy differ. 

    As survivors of trauma

we want to be understood

we want to be believed

we are looking for professionals who understand and care (empathesise)

    Chaplains, Clergy and Counsellors with appropriate training can be of assistance

          Helplines may assist.

    Whilst talking it out / narative therapy is of assistance to many

it may clear the mind

   though many experience long term flash backs.

       trauma release techniques may assist .

       in conjunction with talk therapies.

some trauma survivors need stratagies to build resistance

     to retraumatisation.

   I would want to validate the reality of retraumatisation

     and suggest trauma release and counselling

       when one is retraumatised.

    I would suggest counselling and strategising before

        a retraumatising  event.

     eg visiting a burnt out home

          passing the scene of a collision

          a survivor of sexual assault

                  preparing for a triggering operation

                         or procedure or examination.

    it's ok to get support.


it may help one process what happened

   some find comfort in prayer

  others use meditation

       I am attempting to be relevant to a broad audience.

 I am suggesting that trauma is neuro physiological

   and therefore requires an interdisciplinary approach.

it is hoped this page may be of some assistance.








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Trauma Release



Remedial Massage

  (Eg TAFE trained)





Music Therapy

Sport for some


It is suggested that it is

more productive to

   process the trauma

and to release the trauma

than to numb the pain.

   whilst it is understood

sometimes the pain is unbearable

and numbing can bring relief

numbing out tends to have

  negative consequences.





over eating

addictive behaviour

   which is to numb the pain.

Getting support

  •    is recommended.


numbing out in my view

   is not the problem

the underlying problem is

   the pain of the traumatic event.


survivors of trauma

   often have to deal with

  • grief and loss
  • betrayal  where others are responsable
  • abandonment
  • being the innocent one to suffer
  • the annoinance of those who tell us

               how they think we feel

              when we don't feel like that at all.

   Personally I want to be listened to.

   I want options

    I need my wishes to be respected.





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